Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apollocon Preparations, Great News and Art!!

Real quick--I got accepted to sell my art at Sherwood Forest Faire!!! I am extremely stoked!!

It is one and a half days until Apollocon begins, and with it my first ever table selling my artwork! As I am just testing the waters, I have tried to save on what I take out there. I don't think I will have spent more than $150 to be out there, so I hope I at least make *that* much back by Sunday evening. Apollocon preparations have been steady as I was sick for a few weeks, then had to crunch on finishing up some sewing commissions, then last weekend I attended bellydance superstar Ansuya's workshop (I *had* to!!), which put things off again...and so just today I got around to running to OfficeMax for printing my bookmarks and prints. I needed to scan/photograph two more pieces, which I will print tomorrow. Also, their printer was effy and on certain pieces printed one faded line on the artwork 1/2 inch towards the left side! I will need to re-print those babies too. Vistaprint has been amazing. I was able to get 3 different sets of 25 magnets for $2.50 per 25-pack!! I also printed off postcards with my commission information and prices, and I was able to get a full color banner for free!! I love their sales so hard. For packaging, I purchased 32x40 inch sheets of 2-ply cardboard from Texas Art Supply, and cut the ten sheets down to 100+ boards for backing my prints (WAY cheaper than buying them pre-cut!!). From I was able to get plastic print and bookmark sheets for very reasonable prices, and as I forgot to order my retail bags there, I quickly ordered a box of 500 retail bags (in pretty blue!!) from for $30. The quantity at that price was WAY cheaper than Clearbags in the long run, as the shipping was half of what Clearbags was charging. I know I won't use all 500 this weekend at Apollocon, but they will last me through Sherwood Forest Faire in the spring!

I plan on selling the prints for $10, Bookmarks for $3, and Magnets for $2. Yes, I've taken my expenses into account, and I think I should price myself low this first time to try and get lots of sales!

Anywho...on to the new art!!