Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Men in Kilts Calendars!!!

They have arrived! Limited quantity of 100. 50 are going to be (hopefully) sold at the Irish Festival in Dallas this weekend, and I will be taking the rest out to Sherwood Forest Faire with me (those that haven't been pre-ordered, at least!) I am so happy with the printing, and I can't wait to make all of my customers happy with this delicious collection. If you pre-ordered with me, and haven't contacted me about mailing it,  I'll have a calendar with your name on it (or e-mail address) out at the faire on weekends.

 12-month calendar for January-December 2012. $15 plus tax & $5 shipping if you would like one shipped to you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Woes of Framing Art on a Low Budget!

I am two days away from the opening of Sherwood Forest Faire's 3rd Season, where I will be selling my work in my own shop for the first time. I have been unbelievably--okay, believably--busy these last two weeks. I finished the last of the Men in Kilts series last week, finished my last-minute purchases and printing, and now it has boiled down to finishing some extra costumes and framing artwork. I had a list of 5 pieces to frame, my four Celtic Gods and my "Lady of the Forest". The frame intended for "Lady of the Forest" was too small, and the frame intended for Epona was perfect for her. So...I am without a frame for Epona, but I will get one next week, provided sales go well this weekend. I framed Brigantia and "Lady of the Forest" last night, and attempted wrestling with the frame I purchased for Cernunnos.
...That frame....that blasted frame...
I managed to not pay more than $25 for my 22x28 frames...only two of the four were over $20. So, the gorgeous frame with a reusable mat was $21 as I used multiple coupons to get 70% off. It was framing a generic, mass-produced "home decor" print. I used this one for Cernunnos. I thought it might be framed just like others I have messed with. Of course not, that's silly to think that! They used over 20 mini nails to attach the backing board to the back of the matted work. I succeeded in pulling 2 out with shit pliers, and ended up just bending the rest back with a butterknife (yes, yes, I never have the tools I need at hand, so I caveman that shit.) and I pry out the board. Of course they used double-side tape to attach the print to the board, and framed mat to the board. I pried it off with my hands and the butterknife, nearly damaging the thing. I was very determined to reuse that lovely framed mat! Didn't damage it, and Cernunnos rocks it. I couldn't get the backing board back in the way it came out, so I had to shave off about 3 mm from the bottom before bending the nails back straight to hold it in. After all of this, I want to move on to something else, so I will sew. Dagda can be framed tomorrow.

Sorry for the poor quality. Once they are hung in my tent I will photograph them. It's a white tent, so the lighting in there is lovely and even.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Completed Men in Kilts Series

Here they are in order. This project has taken 15 months. Calendars will be up on Zazzle soon!

Prints available here!