Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A preview of February...

I am now completely finished with 6 of the 12 months, the 6 remaining months are completely drawn and waiting for color. I had to re-draw February onto a new piece of paper to get the positioning better, and here he is!:

February is turning out to be my new favorite. The background will be much easier to complete than the repetitive motions of the trees in January. I still have more to add to the background and must fix his hand, but that won't take long. I would love to have this one completed by Sunday, but we'll see how that turns out :P

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Many late nights were spent on him, but he is finally finished! This was a challenge for it was the first time drawing a horse in over 5 years (A friend drew a Conquistador moustache on the last one as a joke, and it never fully erased!), and as I didn't want a complete side-profile of the horse or a full-frontal (both positions would hide the man-tastic torso), I chose the difficult route of slightly diagonal. January's kilt also took quite a huge chunk of time (but I do love the result!).

January will be making his debut at the Sherwood Forest Faire Celtic Festival this weekend! I hope the ladies and gents out there take a liking to him ;)

As last year was too hectic, I aim to have the calendar ready by early November. 50% are completed, and the remaining 6 are fully drawn and ready to color. I shall post WIPs soon!

8.5x11 inch prints available here!