Monday, January 23, 2012

The Parade Banner!

I cut out and painted what I wanted on my banner while sick today. It was a good sick project. When it dries, I'll stitch it to the back side. Fonts used are King Arthur for "The Summer Country Arts" and Aniron for the words below the logo.

The Best Model Ever.

Besides those in my imagination. I went to the Victoria & Albert museum in London last summer, and was smitten by this gorgeous sculpture:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The beginnings of my booth at Sherwood

My friend and I drove out to Sherwood Forest Faire this weekend for the January Gathering, which was the first weekend that vendors could begin setting up their spaces. This was my first Gathering to attend, during these Gatherings many people come to tidy up the fairgrounds and campgrounds. We had one volunteer help us pitch the tent and move things out of the truck.

This is the beginning of my booth. As it is 15'x 21' and a smidge too large for what I need, I have a partitioning curtain of muslin along the back for a store room/break room. I used folding tables, so I covered them completely in what white linen, cotton and muslin I had available, and I will be covering the tops again with some great textured fabric I bought last week. February 10th--the day before the faire--I will be returning to add a small demo table for me to work on watercolor during down-time, fabric for last minute decor touches, my signs, my lighting and products. For lighting, I have about 10 Moroccan-styled lanterns that will have battery-operated push lights that I will probably string to the ridge pole in the tent. They will be pretty and out of the way, and I may add parchment paper around the lights inside the lanterns to hide them.

The tent is a Rectangular Marquee by Panther Primitives, a coworker has lent it to me for the faire season!

This is the inside,looking in from the front left corner.

Aaand behind the curtain!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new favorite artist...

I was researching old etchings for a project at work, and came across some paintings by Elisabeth Sonrel. Favorites of mine so far include:

I feel inspiration coming on!!! :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Since my last update...

I have completed March and September. The only boys left are November, who is halfway completed, and October, who is being mean and not posing correctly! I will just have to redraw him.

Scans to come soon...I've decided to wait until I can take all the boys to Fedex Office as they have a scanning bed larger than 9 x 12! (no pieceing, cutting, and matching in Photoshop!)

I am now officially a vendor at Sherwood Forest Faire, and will be there beginning February 11th! The faire runs through April 1st, so my weekends will be taken up from now until then! I plan on selling prints, bookmarks, magnets, and originals. I have ample space in my booth--it is a 15 x 20 Panther Primitives Medieval tent! I plan on also having a demo table and chair where I can work on watercolor paintings during down time. Updates to come!