Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Voyager - New Viking Watercolor Painting

Original Size: 16x22 inches.

The concept has been in my head for a while - the layout has been nagging me for months. I began working on him in February, at my shop at Sherwood Forest Faire. I ended up completing him one Saturday evening at the faire, and clipped him to the easel to put safely into the vehicle.
Sunday morning, I go to the car to take him out and put him on display--to find that he is missing. I freak out and retrace my steps. It was supposed to rain that day. After asking my neighboring vendors, one informs me that one of the cast members found the painting that morning, and it looked like it could easily be restored.
The man brought me the painting rolled up. It was soaked completely through, muddy, and had pock marks in the paper from being stepped on. Thankfully: the colors didn't run, and there were no punctures in the paper. I will say this: This was a great "test" for Windsor & Newton watercolor paints, as well as Strathmore 300lb Cold Press paper.

Below are the before and afters:

Here are some close-ups, after I brushed away the sand, before restoration began. I ended up spending 7 hours restoring this painting.

I am very happy that he ended up restoring well. The colors are slightly different from before, but I feel like they fit the scene of the painting even more than previously.

Here is the end result: