Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6 Pieces for the Shadowfist Game

Back in April, I signed a contract with Inner Kingdom Games, Inc., to create 6 pieces for an expansion of the Shadowfist card game. They were completed by mid day on June 1st, and it is a glorious accomplishment. I was given parameters to meet for each card. These were all painted in watercolor, with white gouache for highlights, as per usual for my paintings.
I marathoned the new Doctor Who series (what is available on Netflix: Beefcake Eccleston through the end of Amy Pond), Supernatural, the Catherine Tate Show, and varying martial arts films to get me through this. I like to have something going on tv in the background. Especially with series, they keep me hooked enough when I need to put in long hours when I get home from the day job, and the creepy episodes keep me awake at night to continue working to 2 am, sometimes 4 or 6 am. Maybe that is a silly method, but it works for me!

Thunder Valkyrie
The first one I drew, and the first one I painted. 

Shield Bearer
They asked for a young man in light mail, helm and kite shield with this specific emblem. As they asked for a kite shield, I decided to throw a little Norman into this young man's attire.

Spirit Guide
The concept was changed halfway through drawing. The details were so much fun!

Butterfly Armour
I was asked to depict a knight in full armour, with armoured butterfly wings. I went with monarch wing design and colors where I could.

Estate of the Oncoming Storm
A cathedral in a cavern.

Thunder Champion
I was asked to depict an armoured man with sword and shield fending off two foes armed with guns. The layout and background were chosen by the customer.

Now, on to the next project!! I have quite a few commissions that have been waiting to begin!