Monday, December 29, 2014

June-December New Art Update!

It has been a busy year (obvious by my lack of posts in 6 months :P ). So, since I haven't updated you since Fenrir in June, here is the list of non-commissioned artworks completed since end of June:

From my Middle Earth Series, we have Beren: The Silent Warrior
Staedtler Ink pen and white gel pen.
 Oceanborn: An ode to "The Last Unicorn"
Watercolor and white gel pen.

 The first in a new series, The Queens of Light, we have Sunrise. 
Watercolor and white gel pen.

The Golden Hour, watercolor

The first in my warrior series, we have Vercingetorix.

A new series, Knotwork Animals.

Next post will be the commissioned pieces! It's been one hell of a year! I've got more to complete before February 7th!

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